Why I hate my wife and I still love her

I was having a bad day.

I had just spent an afternoon watching football on my laptop while on my way to a job interview in the office.

I was trying to get back into the groove.

The problem was, I’d spent the evening alone with my wife.

When she arrived, I found her sitting at the kitchen table, with her eyes closed.

“What’s wrong?”

I asked.

“Nothing,” she replied.

Then I realised the truth.

She’d just been with a friend in the pub and that friend was a big man with a beard.

He was standing there looking at me with a big smile on his face.

I thought I’d just lost a fight with a bad breakup, and I thought, What the hell happened?

The night had been so magical, and she’d just fallen in love.

But suddenly she was gone.

She didn’t want to talk to me and I was completely lost.

What had I done wrong?

I sat down at my computer and began to work out what had happened.

I realised I’d fallen in with the wrong crowd.

And then something changed in me.

I knew this was the type of guy I wanted to be.

I wanted a girlfriend.

After some research I realised I was wrong.

I hadn’t done anything wrong.

The only reason I didn’t fall in love was because I was attracted to the wrong type of person.


Because the type I was.

So I’ve found a way to make love to a woman who has the perfect body, the perfect facial hair, and the perfect smile.

My wife is beautiful, smart, and has the best voice in the world.

She’s a good, caring, and caring woman who is perfect for me.

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