How to choose the best video optimization app for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Apple has updated its YouTube app for iOS to include a new video optimizer that can optimize your videos for Apple TV, Apple TV Mini and Apple TV (iOS 9).

The app will now show you a list of video optimization apps that you can use to improve the quality of your videos on your devices.

The new video optimization tool is named Video Optimizer on iPhone, which is a reference to the Apple TV app.

It works by looking for video files on your device, and adding them to the YouTube app.

When you select a video, the video is automatically optimized and added to your YouTube playlist.

The video optimizers can also work on the iPad, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Series 2.

The Apple Watch app includes an option to download the latest version of Video Optimizers, which can be downloaded from the Apple Watch App Store.

The updated YouTube app now includes an “Optimize Videos” option in the app’s settings menu.

You can select which apps you’d like to use for video optimization, as well as which ones you want to use automatically for the first time when you install the app.

To get started, go to Settings, then Advanced Video Optimization.

Select which apps to use to optimize videos, then select “Video Optimizer” from the list.

Once you’ve selected your video optimization tools, click on “Optimize Video” and you’ll be taken to the video optimization settings menu that you’ll need to select from.

You can also manually choose which apps will be automatically added to the playlist when you run the app, but if you want the apps to be automatically selected when you launch the app you can also go to the settings menu, click the “Optin” option, and then “Choose which apps and features to add.”

After you’ve picked the video optimizing apps, you can then click on the “Video” button to start the video.

You’ll see an option that says “Start Video Optimizing.”

The video will be added to this list when you open the app on your iPhone.

The videos that are automatically added will be selected automatically when you load the app for the next time you launch it on your iOS device.

To remove the video optimized video from the video player, go back to the Video Optimizations menu and select “Remove Video Optimized.”

You can also delete the video by going to Settings and unchecking the “Show video optimized videos.”

You can choose to have the video played at 60 frames per second or 60 frames-per-second on iOS 9 and iPhone 6s and iPhone 7.