How to get the most out of your Optimo cigar (and what to look out for)

A year ago, when Optimo announced that it was developing an all-in-one cigar that could be smoked in the comfort of your living room, many people assumed it was going to be the next big thing in cigar smoking.

While Optimo has not released its plans for the Optimo Carbon and Optimo Maduro, the company has already launched a series of premium cigars that have sold well.

The Optimo Signature cigar is a $3,000 cigar that’s been in the works for several months and was released this month, and the Optima Premium cigar is priced at $6,000.

And while these cigars are only available at Optimo’s flagship store, they can also be purchased online.

There’s no word yet on when these cigars will be available at retailers.

In fact, there’s a chance that Optimo will release a pair of premium cigar packages to coincide with the new year.

So, what are these premium cigars like?

Let’s take a look at the Optimal Blood Pressure Cigar.

Optimal cigar: Optimal Carbon (Premium version) The Optimal Premium Cigar is the most expensive cigar in the Optimos range, and is the premium version of the Optimum Carbon.

This cigar was released in September 2018 and features a full-bodied cigar wrapper that has been blended to perfection.

This is the first cigar in this series, and it features a high grade cigar filler.

The cigar is made from premium Brazilian tobacco, and its construction is extremely smooth and flavorful.

It has a dark band and a heavy weight that comes off the wrapper and is blended into the tobacco.

The cigars are available in three sizes: 4 x 54, 6 x 52, and 8 x 50.

The 6 x52 cigar is the size for those who like a little more complexity, and will cost $19.95 at Optimal.

The 8 x50 cigar is for those that like to smoke a bit more robust, and costs $39.95.

Optimo Premium cigars are the first premium cigars in the company’s history.

They are also the first to be available through its online store.

The premium cigar is offered in five vitolas: a dark and full-flavored version, a medium and full flavored version, and a mild and medium flavored version.

The $2,499 Optimal Deluxe is available in six sizes: a 4 x 52 cigar, a 6 x 54 cigar, and an 8 x 52.

The 4 x52 is the perfect size for the novice smoker, and comes in at $24.99.

The medium and medium versions come in at an even higher price: $27.99 for the 4 x 50 and $32.99 each for the 6 x 50, and they come in the 4-pack of cigars that comes with a 6-pack box.

The 9 x 50 comes in an 8-pack that costs $38.99 and is available for the same price.

The mild and mild flavored versions come at $36.99, $45.99 (both of which are both limited edition), and $54.99 in total.

The 12 x 50 is available only for the online store and comes with an 8 pack of 4-packs that will cost you $64.99 per pack.

The 5-pack and 10-pack cigars come in a 3-pack for $38 and $44, respectively.

The 10-packs of cigars come with an exclusive “Optimo” cigar pouch.

The best thing about the Optimon Premium cigars is that they come with a free humidor.

The humidor is also available in the premium cigars.

There is a free shipping option for Optimo cigars.

Optimum cigars are sold at Optimons flagship store.

Optimato cigars are made by Premium Cigars, a premium cigar manufacturing company based in Nicaragua.

They have a number of high-quality brands in the world, including El Toro, Fuente, La Flor Dominicana, La Gloria Cubana, Toro and more.

Their cigar lines include some of the world’s finest brands, including Nicaraguan Habano, Nicaraguan Maduro, and Dominican and Honduran cigars.

They also produce premium cigars at their flagship store in New York.

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Optima cigars are offered at Optimus flagship store and online.