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2017: The year in the headlines for tech 2017 was full of some of the most interesting news of the year.

From the news of Google’s self-driving cars, Apple’s new wearable, and the arrival of a new smartwatch, to Amazon’s Echo, and Facebook’s new social network, 2017 was an exciting year for tech.

Here are some of our favorite tech stories from 2017.


Google’s Self-Driving Cars Google is testing its self-balancing car, which will begin operating this year.

The company has also introduced its own self-parking pods.

While the technology has been around for years, the technology hasn’t been tested on cars.

Google is building the pods with sensors in the wheels and tires to allow the cars to steer themselves.

They also have sensors on the back that will monitor the car and alert the driver if it needs to brake.

The pods will be used in public spaces, but Google plans to test them in commercial spaces.

The cars have already been tested in a test track in California, and Google is now looking to have them on public streets as soon as next year.


Amazon’s HomeKit The Echo smart speaker will soon be available on Amazon.

It’s one of the first products that the company will offer as part of the Echo smart home.

The Echo will allow you to control appliances remotely with voice commands and Alexa.

HomeKit, which was originally released with the Echo in 2014, allows you to connect a speaker to your home or office and control the sound.

Amazon has partnered with a variety of companies, including Amazon Echo Dot, Apple HomeKit and Microsoft Cortana.


Facebook’s Echo and Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger will soon have its own voice assistant that can control all aspects of your social life.

The voice assistant will be called Echo, or “Echo for Messenger.”

The company is already using Alexa to control the Echo speaker, but Facebook Messenger is the first voice assistant to be built specifically for Messenger.

Facebook Messenger also allows you the ability to make friends and receive messages from people who are in your circle of friends.


Amazon Alexa The Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Tap will soon come with Amazon Alexa built in.

Alexa is the virtual assistant that has been available on smartphones and tablets for years.

With Alexa, you can ask questions and perform tasks like making an order, or playing music.

Amazon says it will also allow users to set alarms, take a photo, and even give you reminders.

Alexa has already been used in more than 2 billion devices worldwide, according to Alexa Trends.


Facebook News Feed Facebook has partnered up with news aggregator NewsFeed to bring its own news feed to the platform.

Facebook said it plans to have NewsFeed as the default news feed for the Echo and Echo Dot devices in the first quarter of 2020.

Facebook plans to also start rolling out the new News Feed to all Echo and Alexa devices in 2020.


Apple HomePod The Apple Homepod will finally make its debut on the Apple App Store in 2020, and will be available for pre-order in the U.S. and Canada from April 1.

The HomePod is the most powerful home speaker Apple has ever made, and its new design will help it stand out from competitors.

The new HomePod comes with a 10-inch display, a 3-D-accelerated HomePod processor, an Apple Pencil stylus and Siri.

The Siri feature will be integrated into the HomePod, allowing users to answer questions like, “Do you like me?” or “Who are your favorite artists?”

Siri will also be able to do things like tell you what your favorite songs are.


Apple TV The Apple TV has been the platform for many of Apple’s greatest moments, but now that it’s coming to the App Store, there are a lot of features that the Apple TV does not have.

There are a few features that will be coming to Apple TV that will let you play video on your Apple TV, such as Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision and Dolby Audio.


Amazon Echo and Amazon Fire TV Amazon’s new Alexa assistant, Echo, will be a voice assistant for Amazon Echo devices.

Echo will help you ask questions like “What’s the weather like in the UK?” and “How is the weather in Paris?”

Alexa will also help you control various gadgets in your home.


Facebook Home Chat The Facebook Home chat app is coming to Facebook Messenger in 2020 and Facebook News feed in 2020 too.

Facebook says it plans on bringing all of its Facebook Messenger features to the new chat app.

The Messenger feature will allow users who have Messenger installed on their phone to ask questions about Messenger and get answers to their questions from friends in Messenger.


Google Home The Google Home app is going to make its way to Google Home devices starting in 2018.

The Google home assistant will make its home debut in the Google Home device in the coming months.