Optima health: The latest smartwatch, new camera, and other updates

Today we’ve got the latest and greatest from Optima, the makers of the Optima Car Battery.

The Optima was unveiled at CES earlier this year.

Optima says that it’s designed to deliver a range of new features including a new camera with a 20x zoom and an upgrade to its software to support Android 4.0+.

Optima also says that the new camera will be compatible with new accessories and can be used with any smartwatch.

The new camera has an 8 megapixel sensor, which can shoot RAW or JPEG files, and a 16 megapixel one, which supports both the original RAW and JPEG files.

Optima says the new phone will be available later this year for $250, but the company says that its “smartwatch will be priced at $500.”

The new phone’s price tag is a bit higher than the Optimas original price tag, at $450.

Optimasia says that Optima’s new camera and smartwatch are compatible with a variety of accessories, including charging cables, charging stands, chargers, and more.