How to Avoid a Binge of Binge On Optimization

A lot of us have heard of the new BingeOn feature, which lets you choose from hundreds of different content delivery networks, including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

But now the technology is spreading to a whole new level with some promising results for consumers, too. 

BingeOn is not new, but its rollout has been relatively slow.

It is available to select users only and it is not yet fully rolled out to consumers.

But the company is now adding new features like “optimization” and “optimized for devices,” which means they work by adjusting the quality of video delivered.

So for example, if you have a high-quality video stream, but your device does not support high-resolution video, Bingeon can automatically switch it to a lower-quality stream that is better suited for your device. 

While BingeON works well for some content, there is a danger that some content might not be optimized for it.

For example, you might have an HD movie in which high-end features like subtitles might not appear at all.

To avoid that, users can disable BingeOS in their device settings and turn it off by tapping on the Settings button. 

However, this feature can be frustrating for some people.

When Binge on is enabled, you can only watch one or two streams at a time.

For many, this can be a problem. 

For example, my wife and I are in the process of upgrading our Roku 3.

We are looking for new ways to watch video, so Binge is a great way to have an unlimited stream of content, but for her, we need to stream her favorite shows from the past.

So we decided to opt for the Netflix+ option in Binge.

She was pleased to see the improvement, but she was also frustrated by the slow rollout of the feature. 

So what can we do?

Here are a few things you can do: Enable Binge ON in your Roku settings.

You can do this by going to the Roku Settings menu and tapping on Binge and then tapping on Settings. 

Turn off Binge in your video settings.

To do this, you will need to tap on your video stream and then tap on Bauseon.

Then you can tap on the video stream you want to keep. 

Tapping on the stream that you want will take you to the settings for that stream. Go to the Settings menu and then click on Bing, and then Settings, then click on Binges,  and finally Settings and then Binging. 

Now you can enjoy the new content that Binge has added to your Roku. 

When Binge-on is enabled in your device settings, it will allow you to watch videos that you already own and want to watch on your Roku 3, Roku Streaming Stick, or Roku Streaming Player. 

In addition, you should check your video history in Binging.

If you find you are streaming video that you have already watched, you are not allowed to use Binge again. 

If you have problems watching Binge, it is always good to check your Roku’s video settings to see if there are any problems with Binge or if there is an issue with your video.