Why do we still need optima cars?

Kia’s Optima Car is still in the news, even though it has been in production for a year and a half.

Kia’s latest cars are not as powerful or efficient as its Optima predecessor.

But Kia still has a huge following.

The Optima has a five-door design that is more comfortable than a six-door model.

There are no electric motor options, but the car is equipped with a hybrid engine, which produces electricity from both gasoline and diesel.

Kia says it produces 35kWh of electricity per 100km, which is similar to what a Toyota Prius does.

Its batteries can last for up to 12,000 kilometres.

The car is rated at 20mpg in the city, 30mpg on the highway and is rated for 50km/h.

A hybrid powertrain is not new for Kia, as it has a hybrid version of the Optima for some time.

Kias predecessor, the Optiva, used the same technology.

Despite the new car, Kia has a good track record in electric cars, having built and sold two electric cars: the Optimal in 2007 and the Optimo in 2009.

Both the Optimas were capable of 40km/hr in the centre of town, and 50km/$50 in the suburbs.

It’s not clear why Kia decided to put the Opti into production instead of the other two models.

KIA has been working on the Optimum since the Optis were first introduced in 2006.

If you can wait until 2019, the Kia Optima will be available in four different colors, which Kia will make available for $10,000, plus a $10 installation fee.

Source: Al Jazeera