Why the best home care providers can’t solve your optimization problems

The biggest challenges with optimizing for home care are not so much the costs, but the way they are calculated.For instance, many providers charge for a physical visit to your home.They don’t charge for visits online, even though they are […]

Which sites have the best and worst network optimization?

Fanduel has become a popular option in the mobile landscape for mobile-optimized video content.While it offers a number of different options for content, it also offers a wide range of options for network optimization.The network optimization options that Fanduels offer, […]

How to create your own social optimization app with Kia Optima

Kia is working on the next big thing, the next version of the Optima Healthcare app.The first app, Optima Health, is available on Google Play, and now Kia has released a free app that will let you customize your own […]

What is the optimal number of codons in a protein?

The optimal number (n) of codon-binding sites in a sequence of amino acids determines how efficient it is to make the protein, according to research by Kia and colleagues.The research, published in the journal Nature Biotechnology, showed that optimal codon […]