‘A new era in the car’: Kia optimas are proving their mettle and helping to redefine the car company

Kia’s Optima cars have become a hit in the United States and elsewhere, but the automaker also sees opportunities for growth in China, where the brand is already one of the most sought after luxury brands.

In the past year, Kia has launched new versions of its Optima, a sporty SUV, and a sportier SUV, both priced in the $35,000 range.

In June, Kias new Optima sport-utility sedan, a more affordable version of the same vehicle, was unveiled at the Detroit auto show.

The Kia Optima is one of many Kia models that have taken the lead in China for its luxury SUV market.

Kia said it plans to sell about 1 million of its luxury vehicles in China this year.

The Optima’s popularity in the U.S. is due in large part to the automakers marketing strategy, which has focused on the brand’s reputation as a luxury brand and its role as a trusted partner to American automakers.

The Optima has become a household name in the country and is also a big seller in China.

In recent years, Kies luxury brand has become known for its low-slung, high-performance cars that are affordable and affordable in their price range.

For example, the Optima was the first car in the market to sell for less than $50,000 in 2012, according to research firm Autotrader.

In 2013, the Kia SUV went on sale in the Chinese market for $28,000, more than 10 times the price of the Optis model.

It also sold for more than $100,000 on its launch day.

The Kia brand also has an active presence in the China market, which Kia executives say is a huge opportunity for the company.

The automaker recently bought a 49.9% stake in Kia Automotive Holdings, which is led by the company’s chief executive officer, Geng Yannan.

Kia’s first vehicle, the Sorento, is a two-door SUV priced at $37,000 that was launched in China last year.

The Soretto, which also had a U.K. license, sold out in about two weeks.

The company said it also sold out of the Sores Tango SUV last year, which was priced at about $40,000.

Kias Optima sedan and Optima SUV models have also been used to launch new cars in other Asian countries, including Japan and South Korea.

In addition, Kialas new Optime sport utility vehicle, a mid-size SUV that costs less than the Optimes, has been on sale since last year in the Asian market.

That vehicle is a good deal cheaper than the Ulysses sedan, but it comes with a higher price tag than the Kias Optime.

Kias CEO and founder Robert Drysdale said the Optime SUV is the “next generation” of Kia, but declined to specify the model.

In 2018, Kiamba announced a new model in China called the Kiamma, a high-end SUV priced between $45,000 and $50.

Kiamba has a significant presence in China as well, with about 50,000 vehicles in its fleet, including a total of 1.2 million Optima and Optime SUVs, according a company press release.

Kialas Kia car line is now available in about 20 countries.

In February, Kiel, the parent company of Kiambito, announced it was buying Kia.

The purchase is expected to create about 4,000 jobs.

The deal is part of Kiala’s efforts to gain control of Kiel’s global operations, including Kiambo’s global supply chain and the marketing and distribution of its cars.