How to create your own social optimization app with Kia Optima

Kia is working on the next big thing, the next version of the Optima Healthcare app.

The first app, Optima Health, is available on Google Play, and now Kia has released a free app that will let you customize your own personalized health tracking app.

Kia’s Optima app will be free to download for people who have Optima Premium, Kia says.

You can see it in action on the app’s home page.

The app’s design will look very much like the Optimum app.

Optima is a premium health tracking service, and it will be available to those who have the premium.

It has built-in voice recognition, as well as the ability to track and share your activities across the Optimal app.

There are also plenty of other options.

It will allow you to create a personalized health track, and get notified when you are healthy.

You will be able to see your health information in real time in the Optimized app, so you will know exactly what is happening with your health, how much your health is affecting you, and where it is most needed.

The app will also show you how much you are spending on your health care and how many times you are taking medication, and how much each of these things have contributed to your health.

Kia says that the Optimo app will track your activity from the start.

The Optimo Health app will allow users to track their health from the first day of an appointment, to the last day of the day they visited the doctor, to how long they have been in the hospital.

Kias Optima will track how much money you spend on your medical care, and which doctors you see, too.

The software will also let you track your friends and family, and you can see how they are doing with their health.

If you want to see how many of your friends are having high cholesterol, the app will show you your cholesterol levels.

You’ll be able, for example, to see what people who are on the cholesterol list have had in the past.

It’ll show you whether they are in a diabetic coma, or whether they’re having trouble breathing.

You could also see how much time they are on medication.

The company says it will track the quality of your care, which will help you make smart decisions about what you do and how you spend your money.

Kias Optimo will also allow you, for free, to log in to your Optimamagic account to see who has logged in to the app in the last 24 hours.

There will also be a “personalizing” feature, where you can track the types of products you buy and how often you buy them, how many appointments you’ve made, and your favorite doctors and labs.

There’s also a calculator that will show your health history in a graph that you can use to see if you are on track to get the right medication, or if you need to start taking medications again.

There is also a “health diary” section that will allow for you to track your exercise and how well you are doing.

Kialos Optima plans to release a version that includes the Optimus Health app in September.

It is designed to work with the Optime Health app, but it will also work with other apps that can also track things like exercise, exercise logins, and weight.

Kiosk and Optimadm will also release new apps for people to buy.

The new Optima-branded app, called Optima, is designed for people in need.

The $1.99 app will have features like health alerts and reminders, and will give you the option to add a doctor to the list of people who can treat you.

Kiosk will also launch a new Optimacompan, which lets you track people’s health, and track what they’re buying, and also show their activity on a chart.

There should be an Optimay app to give people who need it the option of purchasing Optima’s Optimatic Health tracking service.

Optimas Optimal Health will cost $29.99.

Kiesk is currently looking to raise $25 million to expand the Optimes Optimum Health service.

Kio will offer $29 for a trial version, $29 to $49 for a paid version, and $99 for a premium version.

Kiatos Optimal will offer a $79.99 version, but will also offer a free trial, and a paid trial.

The Kiosks Optima health tracker will also go for free.

The two apps will launch together in the coming weeks.

Kiacos Optimax Health will launch in October.