The best of the best of Kia Optime model lineup

Kia has updated its lineup optimiser to optimise its models for the launch of the Kia Soul, the first Kia to be powered by its new Optime engine.

The new model is priced at $35,999 US (AU$40,998) and is available now in select markets.

Kia also introduced a new model, the Optime Soul, which is priced from $49,999 (AU£44,999) in the US.

The Kia Spirit is the company’s flagship model, which comes in the $75,000 (AU€85,000) range.

The Optime series has always been focused on providing high-quality models at reasonable prices.

Kias latest model is a significant step up from the previous Optime models, which were priced at around $40,000-50,000 US (AUD$49,000 to AUD$55,000).

“This is an exciting time for Kia,” Kia Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder Mike Keester said.

“The Optime family of vehicles has grown to include the Kias newest models and we’re excited to deliver the best possible models for customers around the world.”

The new Optimes lineup optimises models for three different markets: North America, Europe and Australia.

Kies new models are the only Kia model in the United States to be priced below $35KUS ($45,000US) and are available for pre-order.

The company has also introduced new models for Europe and the Middle East, which are priced between $50,001 (AU¢66,000), $60,000 ($68,000AUD) and $75-100,000, respectively.

Keesters new models also include a range of additional features, such as a rearview camera, heated seats, Bluetooth and a six-speaker audio system.

“We’re excited that our Optime lineup will deliver a world class experience for customers in all markets,” Mr Keesers said.

Optime’s new lineup optimisers are designed to optimally optimise models based on a range the company estimates it can sell in the first few months of production.

Optimes new Optima model is available in the North American market.

Optima’s first generation model was launched in 2017 and has been available in several markets.

“Our Optima lineup has a large focus on offering customers a truly affordable, comfortable, well-equipped vehicle to choose from,” Mr Kim said.

The brand is working with Hyundai to deliver its new model in both North America and Europe.

“Kia will continue to work with Hyundai and partner manufacturers in the automotive industry to deliver a premium, comfortable and safe vehicle for customers,” Mr Hwang said.

Kms new lineup of Optimes includes an updated interior design and the ability to upgrade the interior and exterior to meet consumer preferences.

“Optimism in our line-up is our main focus, and we are taking a holistic approach to optimising models for each market we can reach,” Mr Loo said.

It is not yet clear when Kia will introduce a new Optimum in Australia.

“At this stage, we are in the early stages of designing and evaluating our Optimum lineup,” Mr Mee said.

However, he confirmed Kia was “proud to have been part of the Hyundai Motor Australia team for so many years”.

Kia is also working with Kia-brand vehicle specialist PSA to deliver new models in the Asian market.

The Australian car brand’s new PSA model, called the PSA Optima, will be the first PSA vehicle to be built in South Africa.

PSA’s new Optimo model, also available in South African markets, is priced between AU$40-45KUS and is also expected to be available in 2018.

“This partnership with Kias Optime will allow PSA owners to enjoy a range and value-added experience that we feel is very special,” PSA CEO, Mark Purdy, said.