Optima Health to offer discounted Kia Optima price

Kia has announced it will cut the price of the new Optima homecare vehicle by up to 60 percent and offers customers discounts on the vehicle’s performance.

The new vehicle is expected to debut in early 2019.

Optima Health offers more than 500,000 customers the vehicle, which it said will provide them more convenient and efficient home care.

The Optima is equipped with a fully automated medical monitoring system and the company said it is the most advanced home care system on the market.

It’s expected to provide a higher-quality service than current models, with more accurate data, and higher efficiency, the company added.

Kia’s Optima has a new, low-cost model and has a premium option available to those customers who prefer the higher-end model.

It also offers a new premium option for customers who are in the market for a higher price.

Optima said it will offer discounts to customers who sign up for the vehicle through the company’s Optimal Home Care website.

Kia will provide a $150 cash rebate to any customer who buys a Optima in the first 90 days of its availability.

The company also announced a new KiaOptima home care service offering.

The company will be offering a monthly service that offers more personalized home care, and it will be able to save customers money.

It will be a subscription service, with the option to purchase individual, or monthly, service plans for a $25 annual fee.

Kiehl’s will be selling a Kia K6 and Kia U-Pilot, the latter of which is expected for the 2019 model year.

The new Kias are being offered at a price point of $19,995, but customers can get an extra $1,995 for a K6 or $2,000 for the U-pilot, according to a KIA press release.

KIA said it plans to offer the UPilot for $1 a month for 12 months, and then offer it at a later date at $7.95 a month.

The vehicle is being offered in Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

The Kia vehicles will begin shipping in 2018.