How do I get Kia Optima Top 2018?

Kia has unveiled the latest generation of its Optima Blue Top 2018 range of vehicles, and it’s not a new vehicle.

It was announced in February 2018 and launched in March.

The new Kia optima top, a range of premium SUVs that features the latest in technology, is available for purchase today.

It’s the first Kia car to offer the top hatchback design, a feature that debuted with the Optima 2 and Optima 4.

Key points:The Kia is the first car in the Optimum Blue Top range to offer a hatchback-style rear window.

While it’s only available in 2018, it will be available on the new 2018 Optima 2017 models in 2020 and 2021.

Kia also introduced the Kia Platinum, a sedan that features a rearview camera and the KIA Connect, which is a new feature that allows customers to connect their phones to the car’s stereo system.

“Kia is one of the leading global car brands and one of its most recognisable brands,” Kia said in a statement.

“This is a vehicle designed for customers who want a high quality premium, comfortable, practical and comfortable vehicle.”

Kia Platinum 2018 Kia Platinium 2018 The Kias are the most affordable hatchback models on the market.

They start at $32,495, but will be cheaper on the street at $35,995.

However, the Kias tend to be more expensive than other premium hatchbacks.

They’ll also be cheaper in 2019, and the range will be on sale in 2021 and 2022.

These are the cheapest hatchbacks on sale.

In 2019, the Optimas will be the cheapest entry-level models available in Australia.

And if you’re looking to buy an Optima, the price tag will drop to $39,995 in 2020.

The Optima 2018 Kias will have the most powerful engine in Australia and will be offered with the Kx4.

This is the second time Kia’s made the Kxes hatchback and will come in both a 4WD and a 3WD version.

With a starting price of $35.95, the 2018 Kx3 will start at AU$27,995, while the K3 will be $30,995 for the base model.

The 2018 Kxes are available with a range-topping interior and new technologies including adaptive cruise control and adaptive headlights.

As well as the Kxs, Kia also has the KX6, a sporty sports car.

The Kx6 is a four-door sedan that comes with a seven-speed manual transmission.

For the 2018 model year, the hatchbacks will be sold with a six-speed automatic.

Other Kia cars include the K-Series hatchbacks and the Optimo and Kia Vans, which are all three-door hatchbacks that offer sportier styling, powertrains and more premium features.

The 2020 Optima models will come with a 5-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and a 6-speed electric drivetrain.

Drivers who want to get into the Kins can also get a Kia Sportport for $3999, which has a range up to 130km.

If you’re in the market for a new Kias, KIA has the 2018 Optimos available.

Kia’s new Optima range of luxury SUVs, which include the 2018 Platinum and 2018 Platinum Platinum Plus, are available for sale today.

Read more about 2018 K-series vehicles and the 2018 range.

Here are some other Kia vehicles on sale today:The 2018 Optimo is the Kies first hatchback, and will start from AU$39,500.

When it’s finished, the 2019 Kx5 will be a top hatch.

On sale today, the next Kx model, the new Kx9, will be at AU $42,495.

The 2019 Kxs are the first and only Kia luxury SUV to be offered in Australia, with a base price of AU$40,000.

But if you want a Kx, the range starts at AU$,31,995 and goes up to AU$43,495 in 2020, AU$44,995 2021 and AU$47,995 2023.