NFL optimizes iPhone storage for optimal performance

NFL players will be able to maximize the battery life on their iPhone 4S by using its advanced battery optimization and optimized smartphone storage features.

The league announced Tuesday that its players will have the ability to select and customize battery usage based on specific situations, including when playing football or when running a video game.

The NFL’s app, for example, will be capable of automatically increasing the battery percentage for the battery of any device on which the app is running, the league said.

The app will also allow players to choose the type of battery pack that is being used, as well as the size of the battery in a particular device, the NFL said.

While the NFL did not say how many devices will be offered, it said its players are expected to be able use up to four different battery packs at once, including the latest and greatest.

“We’re working hard to get players’ phones as efficient as possible so they can be used more efficiently, while also saving players money,” NFL chief technology officer, Dan Guerrero, said in a statement.

The players will also be able adjust their battery usage for different sports and different applications.

“It will also give us a chance to share some real-world experiences that we haven’t had in the past, and we’ll continue to improve the experience,” Guerrero said.

The NFL will be offering a $20 rebate to anyone who signs up for a new NFL Mobile App to get a free 30-day trial of the app.

The NFL is offering free battery optimizations to its players, the leagues official statement said.

NFL players are not required to purchase the app, but will be allowed to install it as part of their NFL Mobile Account.

The company said its battery optimization program is available to players in the United States and Canada, with more countries planned to be added in the coming months.