Our SEO History

The original brain child for the company was that of our own chief of SEO, David S. Freid. Today, David leads a team of SEO experts that to their credit have delivered thousands of first-page search engine results on the behalf of our valued SEO clients. During a previous position as a respected Online Marketing Consultant working with a leading Fortune 10 company at its Seattle branch. It was here that David quickly became commonly referred to as “SEO Seattle” by both the clients and company. Another sign of his passion for SEO, today, David is the only Seattle SEO to be awarded the official use of the trademark “SEO Seattle®” by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

SEO Seattle® was also the original name of our Seattle SEO company until a decision was made to re-brand the company to better support the company’s continued growth as a national SEO service provider. Verti Group International a.k.a. SEO Seattle® currently provides SEO services to those located in 7 states.

“We live in a time when search engines like Google and Bing are advancing their technologies at a “quick time” pace.
I believe it necessary to be as much an expert about tomorrow’s search engine optimization needs as it is today.”
– David Freid / SEO

Verti Group International a.k.a. SEO Seattle®

When it comes to who we are and what we stand for, it is our record as a leading Seattle SEO company that provides website owners with what they need to know before securing our SEO services.

We have a proven and continual track record of delivering first page results across various industries. However, only once per industry. We work on an exclusivity basis limiting our involvement in specific niches to only one client per geographic area. We do not believe it is correct to take on two clients who are competitors.

VGI SEO continues to offer an unprecedented 100% money back guarantee. Since our beginning in 2008, we have yet to have a client ask for their money back. In fact, we have never even received a client complaint.

The closer you look at us, the closer you get to becoming a client…

Who We Are

Heading up our team of SEO experts is David Freid, a respected online marketing consultant; he worked with a leading Fortune 10 company in its Seattle branch before founding Verti Group International. He could – and, if given the chance, will – talk about a myriad of current and future SEO techniques and strategies all day long.

However, we learnt all that so you don’t have to. We purchase the latest software so that you don’t have to. We keep an eye on future trends so that you don’t have to.

All you have to do is participate in the initial consultations. You can then go back to doing what you know best, running your business. We will give you periodic reports and updates but the most valuable results are also the most visible and tangible ones. We have nothing to hide. And when you see your site rise through the rankings — sometimes slowly but always surely — you’ll know that investing in VGI was the right decision.

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Our History


SEO Seattle® launches 100% Money Back SEO Services in Seattle.

Begining, 2009

SEO Seattle® surpasses 1 million dollar annual billing.

Begining, 2012

In 2016, we were recognized as the advertising industry leaderSEO Seattle® rebrands and becomes Verti Group International a.k.a. SEO Seattle® and apoints Flavius Burbulea it's new CEO Launches an agressive Mobile SEO platform.

Begining, 2015

VGISEO Launches Google AMP project. (accelerated mobile pages)

Begining, 2019

VGISEO Celabrates 10 years