When you’re on the road, don’t think about speed

When you are on the go, don-t-think-about-speed is a mantra that’s helped people like us stay connected for decades.It helps us keep our social network and other digital devices up-to-date, and keep up with the news and weather.We all know […]

How to optimize your NBA schedule for a fast and easy NBA lineup optimizator

The NBA is no stranger to the practice of searching for possible combinations of players and teams that could work in a certain situation.When it comes to scheduling, the NBA is a little different.A search engine like Yahoo and Google […]

What is the optimal number of codons in a protein?

The optimal number (n) of codon-binding sites in a sequence of amino acids determines how efficient it is to make the protein, according to research by Kia and colleagues.The research, published in the journal Nature Biotechnology, showed that optimal codon […]