NFL optimizes iPhone storage for optimal performance

NFL players will be able to maximize the battery life on their iPhone 4S by using its advanced battery optimization and optimized smartphone storage features.The league announced Tuesday that its players will have the ability to select and customize battery […]

What are the best Netskills for you to optimize your NFL DraftKings strategy

Optimizing your NFL draftKings strategy is as simple as choosing the right Netskill.There are different Netskilling strategies depending on how many teams you want to draft, the type of player you want, and the number of games you want.Here’s a […]

Why the best home care providers can’t solve your optimization problems

The biggest challenges with optimizing for home care are not so much the costs, but the way they are calculated.For instance, many providers charge for a physical visit to your home.They don’t charge for visits online, even though they are […]