How to watch Super Bowl LI and understand how it impacts the NFL and the NFLPA

Last week, the NFL announced that it had reached a tentative settlement with the NFL Players Association regarding the lockout of more than 3,000 players over the last two seasons.The deal called for the league to pay a $2 billion […]

How to use the NBA Draftkings Optimizer to improve your sleep quality

Optimizer lets you adjust the optimum sleeping temperature of your home to meet your individual needs, whether you are on vacation, at work or on the go.The program’s features include:Set a maximum temperature, set a sleep temperature, and set a […]

Why you should upgrade to the Kia Optima 2018 Edition: The 2018 Edition comes with the latest features and software for a more secure ride.

Posted June 30, 2020 05:36:00Kia announced the 2018 edition of its Kia Optima car insurance line earlier this month.While the 2017 version was released in June, 2018’s edition of the Kias line was just released in October.If you’re looking for […]