Working with Verti Group International has been the best SEO experience I have ever had. I've tried many other search engine optimization companies and none of them worked. VGI's SEO team went above and beyond the call of duty. If you are wanting to grow your business, I highly recommend!

  • Erin Morano


This company is AMAZING! After contacting a few other SEO companies, we landed on this awesome, professional team. Our company - Sandbox Therapy Group (in Redmond and Monroe, Washington) - has found them to be nothing but professional, efficient, effective, and honest in their work. They are rapid-responders to all email inquiries, have excellent customer services, and are transparent in their ETAs for all deliverables. They work at our pace and let us know what possible outcomes and paths we might want to consider so we are informed in our decision(s). If that isn't enough, they also watch out for us even after they have completed a deliverable. For example, after we ended one deliverable with them our website was going to expire and they caught it ASAP, and helped us avoid many potential issues from that. They had our back when we weren't even actively engaged with them! It is a testament to their level of work ethic, attention to detail, and appreciation. Additionally, their prices are reasonable and well-worth the costs! Since working with them, they have helped our website jump to the top of Google searches; we have noticed an increase in calls/emails from potential patients. This company explains how things work and help us understand how to calibrate SEO-related things to improve our searchability. Also, they have thus far been able to help assist with other non-SEO related things, such as random Gmail App issues and other website glitches. They truly are an amazing company to work with and have helped us in many more ways than just SEO representation. We couldn't recommend them more!

  • Dr. Anna DiNoto Myers


I spent two long hard years following every tip from every article about SEO that I could find and never cracked the top ten for any of my target keywords. I thought if I just kept at it, kept researching and trying that someday I'd make it to the top. One day I realized that many of the companies that ranked higher than us likely had some help, and it was time to get someone who knew what they were doing on our side. It didn't take long to see real results. They seem to know things about SEO well before anyone else. They're responsive, fast, and smart, friendly and professional. You can stop looking right now - this is the partner you are looking for.

  • Art Grauer


Our experience with Verti Group has been fantastic. David and the whole team do a great job getting us in front of our unique customer base. They are very forward-thinking and usually 2 steps ahead of changes that are coming in the SEO landscape. They are also great at explaining what they are doing and the effects it will have long term for our site. I cant recommend them enough!

  • Bryan Wiggs


We've been with Verti Group International for approximately 1 year. Our business experience with their professional staff of technicians and customer support has been remarkable! They truly set the "Standard for Excellence" in the SEO industry! Their display of quality service and genuine customer service is impeccable! It is with great pleasure that highly recommend their company to vendors who are looking for an SEO company that delivers successful results!

  • Carl Oliveira


About a year ago I completely revamped my website, and when I did that I lost about 85% of my incoming traffic. I tried to do some SEO myself, and hired 3 companies to help me out. None of these efforts made much of a dent. Finally, frustrated, I tried SEO Seattle, since they had a free review as part of their offer. I figured at least I could get a fresh pair of eyes on my site and maybe gain some insight.

Wow! The review was just about completely opposite from what the other SEO companies had said, focusing much more on the quality rather than quantity of incoming links. I've always had a problem with the kind of "shotgun approach" that most SEO companies use, getting links from sites that are not really related to the product you are selling, etc. I guess the idea in most of the SEO world is "any link is a good link". SEO Seattle shares my frustration with this kind of strategy and instead focuses on getting quality links from related businesses where they actually make sense, rather than signing up for 1000 webpage indices that nobody ever looks at anyway. My personal opinion is that sites which are just an index of other sites just clog up the internet and don't do anything useful for anyone, and I've resented that kind of thing since I started my website in 2003.

In the 4 months that I've been using SEO Seattle my traffic has about tripled, and I think with their scientific, targeted approach I will see continued results. They are generating new content for my site and for social media, and the quality of the output is now what is important. This is the future of the internet. Less noise, more signal. Thanks SEO Seattle!

  • Jon Mortensen


I called Verti Group International to see if the could put some links on my website and they did for no charge. They were super professional and i couldn't believe that they did it for free that shows what an amazing company thy are and i will be definitely use the in the futurer

  • Faces by Maryanna


We have been working with Verti Group International/SEO Seattle for approximately one year. They have been remarkable at getting our company listed on the first page for seach listings--something no one else we have worked with has been able to do. They are very responsive--whenever I reach out to them with any questions and/or changes, their response is immediate! After working with many different SEO firms, this is the first time we have ever worked with a company that has made us feel like they actually know who we are and care about our business!

  • Tammy Loud


We have been in business for over 32 years. David Freid has been our online advertising vendor for over 8 years. David has always been professional and proved to be very knowledgeable. He's attentive to our needs/concerns in regards to our online presence. When approached by other advertising agencies to cover other aspects of our advertising, they compliment how well our online advertising is handled. I wouldn't trust anyone else with our online advertising needs, David is the best of the best. I would highly recommend any company in need of online advertising to contact David Freid.

  • Gary George


David is a genius...I have been a major advertiser for legal services since 1986...have done ALL media...he put my website on th top of Google lawyers...my calls are constant...he is on the cutting edge of the internet and marketing...have recommended him to dozens of lawyers and others have referred businesses to him...

  • Terry lumsden


In early 2015, we contracted David Freid of SEO Seattle to provide search engine optimization services for our website. We have had previous SEO companies try to increase our visibility on the major web search platforms… All with mixed results. Some of those were multiyear projects where grand promises were made up front but the results were not anywhere near what was promised. Additionally, as those projects evolved and the results were not forthcoming, each company solicited greater funding to try to accomplish the initial promises that were not attained.

From the start David was honest and open in his approach. He laid out his goals and how he proposed to attain them. We service 3 counties in the Seattle metro area and our website has 14 geo targeted cities. The initial goal was to improve visibility in the Seattle and Bellevue metro areas and then increase visibility is other cities. We are now in a strong first page position for both of those targeted areas and are starting to target other cities within our marketing area.

We highly recommend SEO Seattle and David Freid. If you are looking for honesty, a successful SEO program, and a strong adherence to “white hat” SEO procedures, then look no further. You will not be disappointed!

Sincerely, Cathy Cunningham Owner / Maid Services

  • Cathy Cunningham


5 Star Company. I have worked with the owner David for nearly a year now and he is the most knowledgeable SEO I have known and is extremely hands on with your concerns and SEO requirements to move your page to the top. He knows what he's doing and you feel like he's part of the family b/c he really takes your needs personally and works diligently to meet all of them. This man is relentless and I've found him working into the night and early morning hours on my website and never asking for anything extra at the end of the day. Craig

  • Craig Hartmann